“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! You are both fantastic guys and it really is a memory that will last forever.”

Comments from Previous Workshop Participants


“Really it was all amazing. I love the photo shoots, getting hands-on help on location and I equally love the class time. My favorite part is learning how Scott looks at and critiques our images.”


“One thing that made it enjoyable was the positive attitude of the instructors. Either liking the shots or making suggestions of how they could be better rather than pointing out deficiencies.”


“Expect long days and DON'T be shy in asking for advice. You are there to learn and you won't find more willing teachers than Scott and Mimo. I can't wait for the next opportunity to attend.”


“If you want to learn photography this is an incredible experience that I will not forget. I learned so much, had lots of fun, made new friends, ate delicious food, and took some incredible photos of Venice.”



“My biggest fear was that everyone would be far better than me and I would thus struggle. This was not the case, we were all of a similar level though some better than others but not by large amounts Thus we jelled together and it was an enjoyable time. There was no competition just working together and benefiting from one another.”


“I was worried about my lack of experience in the group. The openness and willing to help by those attending and especially Scott and Mimo overcame that concern very quickly.”


“My biggest fear was travelling alone and feeling alone while on the workshop. I didn't enjoy the travel, but once the group was together I very much felt part of the team and was surprised how quickly we all got along. I love the fact a group of random strangers, with the same interest instantly have fun and laughter.”


“The bang for your buck is incredible! The level of instruction is very professional. No shortcuts on this workshop.”